"He's not mean, He doesn't shout at you at Bootcamp!"

“I’m coming to Alan nearly 6 years now. The Pilates is great for flexibility. If I go more than two weeks without it, I can feel it. I’m all achy and stiff. There’s nothing really wrong with me but I need it. I broke my two arms at the elbows last year and I find the Pilates plank and walkouts great for strengthening.

He’s great, even when we do Bootcamp he’s not mean. He doesn’t shout at you! Other Bootcamp teachers would be shouting at you, I don’t like that.

It’s perfect in the morning after dropping the kids to school kids off too
— Sonya and Yvonne tell us why they love Pilates with Alan

I recently moved into a semi private gym facility beside Fingallians GAA Club in Swords. We hold the Pilates class in a smaller private room off the main gym. Bootcamp is a mixture of Tabata and Circuits on the main gym floor. It's high energy but great fun and an overall workout. You will notice an increase in your energy levels and better flexibility from doing ongoing classes.

Pilates class Wednesday 10.30am intermediate level. Thursday 7pm beginners level. MEN ONLY PILATES Tuesday 7pm beginners.

€40 for four weeks. Start anytime, First class is FREE so come along and give Pilates or Bootcamp a go! I'm not scary I promise!

Sonya and Yvonne from the Wednesday intermediate class.

Sonya and Yvonne from the Wednesday intermediate class.