Tick tock…summer is coming

The sunshine is here and with it a reminder that Summer is close. Whether you are heading away on holiday and want to get beach-ready or arranging a staycation or hitting the festival circuit, you will want to feel healthy and motivated.


Summer Refresher Tips

  1. Hydrate. Then hydrate more.

  2. Get a Buddy involved in classes with you. You are more likely to go to your Bootcamps and Pilates Classes with added social motivation.

  3. Pack your lunches for work and shop well for home. Preparation is key.

  4. Stock up on eggs and lean proteins to go with your leafy salads.

Omelette and salad is both light, quick and easy. 

Omelette and salad is both light, quick and easy. 

Alan Dunne Fitness Bootcamps have additional focus on working those thighs and biceps areas, and Pilates classes can really help tone your stomach. Morning and evening classes are available all Summer.

Get in touch today getfit@alandunnefitness.ie.

So much can be achieved in a few weeks with the right focus.

Alan Dunne