6 Tips to a good night sleep

I remember in typical Irish drinking culture saying things like, eating is cheating and sleep is for the weak. Well how things have changed. Skipping meals is really bad for your health and sleep is now scientifically proven to be one of the most important factor for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some key tips for a more balanced lifestyle.

  1.  Don't eat too late, you should ideally have your last meal before 7pm and if you are going to snack after that, make sure it is healthy, balanced (non sugary) and it should be 2-3 hours before you put your head down. Don't drink too many fluids late at night.
  2. Switch off ALL digital equipment at least 2 hours before bed. These devices mess with your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. It's also known as your sleep/wake cycle.
  3. Try a little reading, have a bath or meditation instead, just ease off the digital devices. 
  4. Invest in blackout blinds, or heavy curtains so you can avoid early morning light, street lights or any interruption that could disrupt your sleep. 
  5. Get a good routine going - we are just like we were as babies, routine helps us, so try to rise at the same time every morning, and have a little routine for winding down and hitting the hay. 
  6. Include physical activity in your daily routine. Get more active and it will help you sleep. If you are feeling in need of some more energy to get active, consider a multivitamin or zinc/vitC combined to boost how you feel to enable this better, but moving more will help you sleep better. But always refer to your doctor before taking any medication.

Maintaining a good training programme, keeping your weight low and drinking plenty of water also factor into a better you. Get Comfy, Get Sleepy, Get Fit, Be Healthy. 

Good Luck!