TRANSFORMATION AND WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGE. See dramatic results with our 4 and 10 week programmes

TRANSFORMATION AND WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGE. See dramatic results with our 4 and 10 week programmes

from 250.00

A transformation package can do just that, transform your body and mind to reap the benefits in shedding some weight, gaining strength, confidence and feeling better within yourself.

  • "FOCUSED & FABULOUS" €250 for 4 weeks

  • "NO PANIC" €500 for 10 weeks

  • "DOUBLE DOWN FOUR" €280 for 4 weeks for two people

  • "DOUBLE DOWN TEN" €700 for 10 weeks for two people


  1. Unlimited Bootcamp classes.

  2. 30 Minute Personal Training session per week.

  3. DoubleDown includes an extra 30 minute Personal training session per week.

  4. Weigh in and measurements taken at the first and last session.

  5. A full diet plan is included which is the most important bit! You've got to stick to it for real results.

  6. Diet sheets, health tips and support through your journey.

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The time is now, come and get in shape!

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are you fed up with your current fitness level?

A transformation package means you have time to make a big impact! We can't work miracles and results will vary according to your diet and level of input.

  • Choose from 4 or 10 weeks to get in shape.

  • You will have personal training sessions with Alan aimed at achieving your goals.

  • a special eating plan with diet advice and healthy tips.

  • Get your bridesmaids or partner on board. Special pricing for two people.

  • You can motivate and have fun together training with Alan in our semi private gym facility beside Fingallians GAA Club in Swords.

  • If you refer a friend for a transformation package and they sign up. You will receive a FREE 30 minute one on one personal training session with Alan.


  • It is advisable to consult with a doctor before starting any new nutritional program. If you have allergies, or medical conditions you may need to reduce the level of nuts / seeds in this recommended plan. If you have specific dietary requirements you must consult with your doctor before starting any weight-loss program.

  • You will be given a guide to help you on your PT program. There are examples of each meal which you can mix and match to suit your plans and also 2 week sample plan for your reference and use in the beginning.

  • This is low calorie low GL and lean protein diet and will help kick-start your healthy eating lifestyle. You can choose to alternate meals and or lunches or dinners. Use these days as a guide throughout the eight weeks. You should stick fairly rigidly to the days for the first two weeks to ensure you are watching portion sizes and getting the balance you require.

Results will vary depending on the individual.

* Your free 30 minute personal training may be with other clients.